RXR Realty 2018 Sustainability Report

As one of the largest owners and developers of real estate in the New York Region, we continue to fortify our best practices through our diligent review of operations, routinely identifying areas of improvement and greater efficiency. However, we view success beyond our individual contributions to each property and we view success beyond each property’s performance within our portfolio. We believe success is achieved as a Community.

Community is our governing theme for this year’s report. Community is more than a strategic cluster of buildings or homes; and Community is achieved beyond a population of similar people. We believe Community is the manifestation of many people sharing the principles of doing well and doing good across all facets of how we live, work, and socialize.

RXR takes pride in a comprehensive approach to our operating practices. We leverage our hands-on collaboration and communication with our tenants, residents, business partners, and service providers in order to create a thriving and socially responsible community. We touch on all aspects of how we live and work to maximize commonality across a diverse people. We take pride in our ability to:

• Generate best-efforts from our stakeholders through a wide range of engaging initiatives
• Educate our constituents on the environment, health and wellness, diversity and inclusion
• Celebrate the diversity of our region through culinary, art, music and cultural events
• Impact the community and optimize productivity through collaboration and partnerships with civically-minded organizations providing opportunities for less fortunate peoples of our region to achieve education and employment
• Create opportunity for affordability and outstanding value across our commercial and residential portfolios
• Activate underutilized public spaces and common areas with safe, beautifully maintained community-focused programs
• Bring all aspects of our portfolio in to the 21st Century to sustain New York’s global success
• Move our entire region into the 21st Century through steadfast commitment to infrastructure improvement

At RXR, Sustainability and Community are symbiotic. For our region to be sustainable, we must lean on the power of Community. We are proud of our achievements over the past year and thank you for your efforts in helping our continued success.

Read the full RXR Realty 2018 Sustainability Report.

Published: April 23, 2019
Filed Under: Community Relations

The RXR platform manages 71 commercial real estate properties and investments with an aggregate gross asset value of approximately $20.5 billion, comprising approximately 31.4 million square feet of commercial properties, inclusive of approximately 6.0 million square feet of buildings securing debt and preferred equity investments, a multi-family residential portfolio of approximately 2,500 units under operation or development, and control of development rights for an additional approximately 3,700 multi-family and for sale units in the New York Metropolitan area as of June 30, 2019. Gross asset value compiled by RXR Realty in accordance with company fair value measurement policy and is comprised of capital invested by RXR and its partners, as well as leverage.