RXR Realty 2017 Sustainability Report

At RXR Realty, we take pride in our role as a leader in the New York City real estate industry. We recognize New York’s distinct personality and rich history and we embrace the future of this dynamic region. For over 10 years, our driven team has called New York City home, and our commitment to the region has only strengthened in recent years.

One of the ways we have demonstrated this commitment is through strong community engagement. RXR is a proud sponsor of the 9/11 Memorial Walk to Remember and the Long Island Marathon, and we collaborate with organizations such as Her Justice and Operation Backpack to support and assist all New Yorkers.

As part of our broader commitment to the New York metropolitan region, we work hard to understand the impact that environmental issues have on residents in our communities. That is why we participate in local programs like the New York City Carbon Challenge and have created our own alliances, including the West Chelsea Energy Alliance. Through these activities, RXR is helping to pave the way for a healthier and more resilient New York City.

Our dedicated team understands the history, diversity, culture, and character that make this region unique—we embrace The Power of Local in all the work we do. At RXR, we don’t just react to change, we create it.

Read the full RXR Realty 2017 Sustainability Report, including:

  • 2016 Highlights
  • RXR’s Approach to Development
  • RXR’s Commitment to the Community
  • Engaging the 21st-Century Tenant
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Published: January 16, 2018
Filed Under: Community Relations

The RXR platform manages 61 commercial real estate properties and investments with an aggregate gross asset value of approximately $18.5 billion, comprising approximately 24.4 million square feet of commercial properties, inclusive of a multi-family residential portfolio of approximately 2,600 units under operation or development, and control of development rights for an additional approximately 3,700 multi-family and for sale units in the New York Metropolitan area. Gross asset value compiled by RXR Realty in accordance with company fair value measurement policy and is comprised of capital invested by RXR and its partners, as well as leverage.