RXR Realty Joins Hurricane Relief Effort

RXR Friends and Family – We have witnessed the massive devastation caused by the terrible storms raging across the south. Many of us have family, friends, and business relations impacted in those areas. These storms reawaken our own memories of what we endured first-hand during Hurricanes Irene and Sandy – during which many of us suffered. Even with the suffering, we had the advantage of knowing that the New York Region was and is the most resilient region in the world and seeing how our entire region and country came together to proactively help in immediate and longer-term recovery. In the spirit of returning favors a [...]

The RXR platform manages 74 commercial real estate properties and investments with an aggregate gross asset value of approximately $15.7 billion as of June 30, 2017, comprising approximately 22.1 million square feet of commercial operating properties and approximately 5,200 multi-family and for sale units under active development in the New York Metropolitan area.