340 Madison Avenue Conducts Tenant Roundtable on State of Readiness


RXR joined forces with the FDNY Center for Terrorism/Disaster to review building procedures in the event of an emergency wide scale disaster. Preparedness Director of Life Safety & Security, Charles McNamara, 340 Madison’s Property Manager Victor Spivak, Assistant Property Manager Mitchell Grant, and Chief Engineer John Hatton met with tenants and focused on site specific scenarios that would identity challenges that could potentially impact the tenants and building personnel.  In addition to Hi-Rise Emergency Preparedness, the roundtable reviewed building processes including how personnel would examine key building systems and the anticipated responses, the reporting of events, the determination to reallocate or evacuate, the clarification of the responsibilities of the tenants and the roles of the building staff and fire wardens.  Following the presentation, tenants received a FDNY backpack complete with the necessary supplies for a state of emergency.

Published: March 12, 2012
Filed Under: Redevelopment

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